Organize October


Let’s get organized! Woo!

Aerial view of agenda isolated on white tableDid that sentence make you cringe? Well, I certainly did.

Organizing, creating plans and figuring out what is the best spot for my work items, daily use items, or even seasonal items, sends shivers down my spine. But, learning to organize my work calendar in a way that works for me has shown me the importance of being able to set things up in a way that they are easy to find, priorities are front and center and everything looks neat and tidy. 

So, it’s time to face this challenge head-on, and what’s a better way than the Organize October challenge? From the KidfreeNotCarefree 10x10x10 challenge to my fav tips and tricks of daily planners and calendars, Organize October will get us set up to rock our home, holidays and work! I can’t wait to get started. 

Comment below with your fav tips and the area in your life that needs to get organized. I will be sharing my secret shame areas, real photos and all! 


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