The 10x10x10 Challenge

October is upon us, and with it comes fall cleaning. Organize October is my new monthly theme, and I will let you in on a secret – we will be moving soon. Shhh! 

So, let’s kick off Organize October with the 10x10x10 Challenge!

What is the 10x10x10 challenge you ask? Well it’s simple! Over the next 10 days, we will spend 10 minutes each day, to organize and tidy 10 projects! Fitting, eh since October is the tenth month of the year?


Day 1: My bookcase

I sometimes have the attention span of a gnat, especially with cleaning, but with my timer set (seriously), I took off to my book case. Once upon a time, this thing was organized. Like books with like books, nothing piled on top. But it has been seriously neglected over the years, and with moving in mind, I spent this ten minutes sorting through and being brutally honest with what I wanted to keep.

The ten minutes went fast, and I will be honest, I actually needed about 3 additional minutes just to bag up the rejects.

So – what can be done in just 10 minutes? I will let you have a look.

Before and After:


Tada! While it’s not perfect, it sure is less of an eyesore. And I rid myself of 3 bags of waste just holding me back.

What projects will you be taking on with the 10x10x10 challenge this month?



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