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A Childfree Not Goal Free 2019!

At this time of year, I find I am innodated with questions - What's your resolution? What do you want for the new year? and my (actual) favourite - What's your why? The problem is often in advertisements, webinars, online posts and chats with friends, people lace in their family with their own goals. I… Continue reading A Childfree Not Goal Free 2019!

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What is KidfreeNotCarefree?

As an avid reader of lifestyle blogs and books, I always cringe when I get to the point in the blog where motherhood comes up (and it always does, doesn’t it?). Kid-friendly snacks, how to organize a mother’s busy schedule and how to find personal time amongst tots running around… all of a sudden, my… Continue reading What is KidfreeNotCarefree?